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englishscout: Watching the Vestsjaelland v Brondby game now. Michael Falkesgaard (Half-pinoy) keeper makes the bench. Mar 22, 2015 23:59:12 GMT 8
cheeze: ^ Ohhh I remember that kid. With Etheridge and Muller not getting game time and Deyto looking shaky as of late, should be worth a shout. Denmark has a good record when it comes to producing shot stoppers. Schmeichel Jr and Sr comes to mind. Also Sorensen. Mar 24, 2015 11:51:45 GMT 8
englishscout: Yep. Philippines don't need to worry about options for keepers. Novem Baumann and Bernd Schipmann are two more with a shout and obviously Areola too. Mar 24, 2015 21:03:40 GMT 8
chizcake: chris greatwich opted out and will take a break from national duty... hmmmm Mar 24, 2015 22:26:20 GMT 8
leoisiah: Wow, so englishscout is really watching our Pinoy's games. Cool. Are you even a Filipino? I guess you're English. Thanks for doing this pro-bono scouting. I hope you discover some Pinoy gem abroad. Do you have contacts with PFF? Mar 25, 2015 7:33:33 GMT 8
hey: i don't think Areola will wear our colors Mar 25, 2015 8:57:37 GMT 8
englishscout: no i'm not filipino. My girlfriend is, which is why I have an added interest. No I have no contacts with them, I have tried to get in contact but have had no reply. About as close as I have got is a connection with Palami etc on LinkedIn. Mar 25, 2015 19:48:16 GMT 8
englishscout: I agree, I don't think Areola will either unless he reaches about 30 and still not capped by France. He is tipped to be PSG and France number 1 in the next few years, I doubt he would throw that chance away. Although he is full pinoy, so you never know. Mar 25, 2015 19:52:30 GMT 8
chizcake: hope but do not expect hehehe Mar 25, 2015 20:50:36 GMT 8
englishscout: Not a good showing for u22 azkals against north korea. I stopped watching after the 4th North Korean goal near the 80th minute. Defensively, very poor. Offensively they didn't offer much either and can't recall a single shot. Mar 27, 2015 19:09:54 GMT 8
englishscout: I know they Mar 27, 2015 19:09:57 GMT 8
englishscout: are only young, but im only 23 myself. They looked like they lacked belief and confidence in their abilities. They let North Korea pass it around them so easily with no contesting Mar 27, 2015 19:10:31 GMT 8
ollo: It's not about belief and confidence. It's just that North Korean players are superior beyond compare. Our homegrown players are still worse than Brunei or Cambodia so what can we expect? 0-4 is not that bad. I thought the scoreline would be much worse. Mar 27, 2015 19:47:41 GMT 8
chizcake: i understand and feel you englishscout but yeah i didnt expect that much as i am focused on the experience this guys will get but i am very happy with the scoreline , i was expecting a much larger deficit , but and again but i was dismayed on Mar 27, 2015 23:19:31 GMT 8
chizcake: on the less spirit, its looks like they didnt put much effort on fighthing and trying just accepted from the start it will be a losing game Mar 27, 2015 23:20:18 GMT 8
chizcake: :( Mar 27, 2015 23:20:28 GMT 8
englishscout: I understand that N Korea are superior, but if you go into a game with the attitude that losing 4-0 is a good result, you won't progress. Attitude goes a long way in football. Chelsea are far superior to Bradford yet they lose at home to them. Mar 28, 2015 19:44:57 GMT 8
Peenoise: i agree with englishscout. should always think that you will win even though the odds are against us Mar 29, 2015 13:30:22 GMT 8
englishscout: 1-0 Thailand 11 mins in Mar 29, 2015 20:11:49 GMT 8
englishscout: So far i'm really impressed with Felongco at left back, he is looking very tidy and quick, puts the Thai players under a lot of pressure and makes good attacking runs Mar 29, 2015 20:18:24 GMT 8
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