FIFA's Afghan investment pays off


myfrndsareazn: Aidan Daniels looking good for HFX Wanderers in their season opener against York United in the Canadian Premier League. I think Matthew Baldisimo is ready to go for Pacific ahead of their opener. Apr 9, 2022 1:51:29 GMT 8
jdfhaiusd1: May 16, 2022 19:32:34 GMT 8
jdfhaiusd1: May 16, 2022 19:32:38 GMT 8
jdfhaiusd1: May 16, 2022 19:32:42 GMT 8
roddysaint: anyone know where I can watch Asian Cup qualifier tomorrow? Jun 7, 2022 13:28:10 GMT 8
roddysaint: where can I watch Asian Cup qualifier tomorrow? Jun 7, 2022 13:28:26 GMT 8
roddysaint: anyone know who's broadcasting Azkals vs Cambodia? Dec 20, 2022 8:41:51 GMT 8
dexter: well this forum looks completely dead. Jan 7, 2023 20:08:34 GMT 8
leoisiahmessi: ^ Yes online forums are dying as it is more convenient do discuss on Facebook groups. Jan 19, 2023 7:35:35 GMT 8
cr723: will it be open for public use? my friends and I are looking forward to play in an actual football field for once May 27, 2023 16:29:27 GMT 8
ryonix: thank you all for the hard work Jul 23, 2023 23:18:46 GMT 8
domingo85: domingo85: My name is domingo.
I am surprised to have read this article "The stars of Ligue 1: mid-season celebration of French football". Source:
Dec 29, 2023 10:57:27 GMT 8
kimnancy12: Fostering a strong fan culture is crucial for football's growth. Engaging fans through community events, outreach, and marketing, along with on-field success and local rivalries, can boost attendance. Feb 15, 2024 18:02:33 GMT 8
kimnancy12: Congrats to Fil-Swiss racer Marlon Stockinger for his Monaco GP3 win! Still, it's a significant achievement. Hope to see Stockinger in F1 soon. Meanwhile, check out Car Parking Multiplayer for some enjoyable gaming in y Feb 15, 2024 20:31:56 GMT 8
Nonglak Chaiyapong: Hey! Thanks for the AFC Club Competition Rankings update! Philippines missed ACL slot. You mentioned sbobet mobile —exploring sports updates on the go? Feb 20, 2024 17:03:50 GMT 8
aidahm: Interesting comparisons! It's always fun to spot resemblances between athletes from different teams. Mar 18, 2024 15:39:11 GMT 8
aidahm: It's indeed a concerning situation. Let's hope for a fair resolution and that our athletes won't be affected negatively. Mar 19, 2024 14:54:45 GMT 8
Congratulations, Elliot! Your : Congratulations, Elliot! Your dedication to providing valuable insights and updates on Filipino football is commendable. Your new website sounds like a fantastic initiative, and I'm sure it will be a valuable resource for Azkals fans. I'll be sure to check Mar 20, 2024 14:31:25 GMT 8
daudet45: Bonjour à tous. Apr 11, 2024 21:03:25 GMT 8
asharaf: Apr 18, 2024 20:22:19 GMT 8
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